Your place to play!

Playing games at The Dragon and Meeple

Every one of our 22 tables at The Dragon and Meeple is available for gaming. It doesn’t matter if you are playing board games, Dungeons and Dragons, or Magic, all of our tables are set up with gamers in mind. All of our tables feature comfortable chairs and LED spotlighting to ensure the best possible play experience.

Table Reservation Fees

All patrons wishing to play games will be charged a table reservation fee. This fee allows us to maintain our library of over 400 games, provide a staff of trained curators to assist you, and defray the cost of low table turnover.


Monday - Thursday

$5.00 for 2 hours.

Stay and play all night with an additional $10 food and drink purchase.

Friday - Sunday

$7.50 for 2 hours.

Play for an additional 2 hours with a $15 food and drink purchase.

Play time beyond 4 hours subject to capacity and reservations.

Our Collection

We maintain an updated list of our game collection here: BoardGameGeek.